International coverage

Last update of this article: September 17th website is translated into French, English, German, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Breton, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Filipino, Japanese and Bresilian.
This list is growing every week.

Nevertheless, having the website translated doesn’t mean that your country is covered. If you currently zoom-in on the map in most of the countries of the world, no data will be displayed at all.

If you wish to extend « Ça reste ouvert » in your own country, please follow this dedicated guide.

Already covered countries

France’s coverage started on march 25th (including overseas territories). Later we opened several territories:

Country / regionOpening dateMain logoOptional specific URL
Democratic Republic of the

Our strategy

Our team keeps opening new countries one by one, based on several criteria:

  • The country is currently under lockdown, there is a proper need for the tool
  • An active local OpenStreetMap community is already existing
  • The service is translated into native local language(s)
  • The service is customized to local needs
  • A formal request has been made (check current requests)

We choose not to open the whole world at once because we think collaboration with local OpenStreetMap communities is key and leads to a really useful tool. We trust the community to make the most of the it.